Saturday, July 14, 2012


Contoh ini saya buat ketika mendapat tugas tambahan dari dosen tercinta karna nilai kurang bagus sehingga dosen memberi tugas tambahan, oleh karna itu teman-teman jangan sampai seperti saya.

Tugas ini hasil dari resum artikel yang di beri dosen saya.

di bawa ini adalah contoh poster tersebut :

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Benefits Of Drinking Water

          Preoccupation activity often makes us forget to drink enough water, ie at least 2.5 liters a day. Though many of the benefits of each drop of water that enters the body.
This is the benefit of the water:

1. Maintain body fluid balance
About 60 percent of the composition of the human body is water. Adequacy of these substances is important because it is necessary for digestion, absorption, circulation and transport of nutrients, creation of saliva, as well as the maintenance of body temperature.

2. controlling calories
For years dieters drink plenty of water as a weight loss strategy.

3. Energizes the muscles

Without an adequate supply of fluid, muscle cells in the body will suffer and will not work properly.

4. Maintaining healthy skin
The skin contains a lot of water and serves as a protective coating to prevent excessive fluid loss.

5. Helps the kidneys work
Kidney served to neutralize and remove all the toxic substances that enter the body. The task is very unusual kidney would be affected if we are not drinking.

6. Maintaining normalcy bowel function
Adequacy of water that flows along the digestive tract will prevent constipation. When less liquid, large intestine will draw water from the dirt so that the tails of the occurrence of constipation.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Environment

Environment, often referred to as the environment, is a parable that can cover all living and non living in nature that are in earth, or part of the Earth, which naturally without human intervention.

Opponents of the environment is an artificial environment, which includes the region and its components are heavily influenced by man or man-made.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Garuda OS

We are also proud os os eagle eagle was launched on the day of national awakening eagle os flew on 20 May 2011 os eagles or eagle OS based operating system is Open Source hail the work of local developers. Garuda wear modern desktop quite charming and very easy to operate, even by those users who are familiar with Windows.
This OS supports the use of document formats SNI (Indonesian National Standard). Besides OS Garuda is also very safe from computer virus problems, with high stability, accompanied by the Indonesian language as its operations and is equipped with a lot of programs from various categories, some applications that exist on Garuda OS:
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